— 516 —
Secondly, in mixed Modes by definition.
      §15. Secondly, Mixed Modes, especially those belonging to Moral-
ity, being most of them such Combinations of Ideas, as the Mind
puts together of its own choice; and whereof there are not always
standing Patterns to be found existing, the signification of their
Names cannot be made known, as those of simple Ideas, by any
shewing: but in recompence thereof, may be perfectly and exactly
defined. For they being Combinations of several Ideas, that the Mind
of Man has arbitrarily put together, without reference to any Arche-
types, Men may, if they please, exactly know the Ideas, that go to
each Composition, and so both use these Words in a certain and un-
doubted Signification, and perfectly declare, when there is Occasion,
what they stand for. This, if well considered, would lay great blame
on those, who make not their Discourses about moral things very
clear and distinct. For since the precise signification of the names of
mixed Modes, or which is all one, the real Essence of each Species,
is to be known, they being not of Nature’s, but Man’s making, it is
a great Negligence and Perverseness, to discourse of moral Things
with Uncertainty and Obscurity, which is much more pardonable
in treating of natural Substances, where doubtful Terms are hardly to
be avoided, for a quite contrary Reason, as we shall see by and by.
Locke Hum III, 11, §15, p. 516