— 513 —
And conformable in Substances.
      §10. In the Names of Substances, for a right use of them, some-
thing more is required than barely determined Ideas: In these the
Names must also be conformable to Things, as they exist: But of this,
I shall have occasion to speak more at large by and by. This
Exactness is absolutely necessary in Enquiries after philosophical
— 514 —
Knowledge, and in Controversies about Truth. And though it would
be well too, if it extended it self to common Conversation, and the
ordinary Affairs of Life; yet I think, that is scarce to be expected.
Vulgar Notions suit vulgar Discourses: and both, though con-
fused enough, yet serve pretty well the Market, and the Wake.
Merchants and Lovers, Cooks and Taylors, have Words where-
withal to dispatch their ordinary Affairs; and so, I think, might
Philosophers and Disputants too, if they had a Mind to under-
stand, and to be clearly understood.
Locke Hum III, 11, §10, pp. 513-514