— 510 —
And Wrangling.
      §6. Let us look into the Books of Controversy of any kind, there
we shall see, that the effect of obscure, unsteady, or equivocal
Terms, is nothing but noise and wrangling about Sounds, without
convincing or bettering a Man’s Understanding. For if the Idea be
— 511 —
not agreed on, betwixt the Speaker and Hearer, for which the Words
stand, the Argument is not about Things, but Names. As often as
such a Word, whose Signification is not ascertained betwixt them,
comes in use, their Understandings have no other Object wherein
they agree, but barely the Sound, the Things, that they think on at
that time as expressed by that Word, being quite different.
Locke Hum III, 11, §6, pp. 510-511