— 483 —
      §14. Besides, there is scarce any particular thing existing, which,
in some of its simple Ideas, does not communicate with a greater,
and in others with a less number of particular Beings: Who shall
determine in this Case, which are those that are to make up the
precise Collection, that is to be signified by the specifick Name; or
can with any just Authority prescribe, which obvious or common
Qualities are to be left out; or which more secret, or more particular,
are to be put into the signification of the name of any Substance?
— 484 —
All which together, seldom or never fail to produce that various and
doubtful Signification in the names of Substances, which causes such Un-
certainty, Disputes, or Mistakes, when we come to a Philosophical
Use of them.
Locke Hum III, 9, §14, pp. 483-484