— 476 —
Communication by Words, Civil or Philosophical.
      §3. Secondly, As to communication by Words, that too has a double use.
      I. Civil.
      II. Philosophical.
      First, By their civil Use, I mean such a communication of Thoughts
and Ideas by Words, as may serve for the upholding common Conver-
sation and Commerce, about the ordinary Affairs and Convenien-
cies of civil Life, in the Societies of Men, one amongst another.
      Secondly, By the Philosophical Use of Words, I mean such an use of
them, as may serve to convey the precise Notions of Things, and
to express, in general Propositions, certain and undoubted Truths,
which the Mind may rest upon, and be satisfied with, in its search
after true Knowledge. These two Uses are very distinct; and a
great deal less exactness will serve in the one, than in the other, as
we shall see in what follows.
Locke Hum III, 9, §3, p. 476