— 471 —
Chapter VII

Of Particles.

Particles connect Parts, or whole Sentences together.       §1. Besides Words, which are names of Ideas in the Mind, there
are a great many others that are made use of, to signify the connex-
ion that the Mind gives to Ideas, or Propositions, one with another. The
Mind, in communicating its thought to others, does not only need
signs of the Ideas it has then before it, but others also, to shew or
intimate some particular action of its own, at that time, relating
to those Ideas. This it does several ways; as, Is, and Is not, are the
general marks of the Mind, affirming or denying. But besides
affirmation, or negation, without which, there is in Words no Truth
or Falshood, the Mind does, in declaring its Sentiments to others,
connect, not only the parts of Propositions, but whole Sentences
one to another, with their several Relations and Dependencies, to
make a coherent Discourse.
Locke Hum III, 7, §1, p. 471