— 468 —
      §47. This piece of Matter, thus denominated Zahab by Adam,
being quite different from any he had seen before, no Body, I
think, will deny to be a distinct Species, and to have its peculiar
— 469 —
Essence; and that the Name Zahab is the mark of the Species, and a
Name belonging to all Things partaking in that Essence. But here
it is plain, the Essence, Adam made the Name Zahab stand for, was
nothing but a Body hard, shining, yellow, and very heavy. But
the inquisitive Mind of Man, not content with the Knowledge of
these, as I may say, superficial Qualities, puts Adam upon farther
Examination of this Matter. He therefore knocks, and beats it with
Flints, to see what was discoverable in the inside: He finds it yield
to Blows, but not easily separate into pieces: he finds it will bend
without breaking. Is not now Ductility to be added to his former
Idea, and made part of the Essence of the Species, that Name
Zahab stands for? Farther Trials discover Fusibility, and Fixedness.
Are not they also, by the same Reason, that any of the others were,
to be put into the complex Idea, signified by the Name Zahab? If
not, What Reason will there be shewn more for the one than the
other? If these must, then all the other Properties, which any farther
Trials shall discover in this Matter, ought by the same Reason to
make a part of the Ingredients of the complex Idea, which the Name
Zahab stands for, and so be the Essence of the Species, marked by
that Name. Which Properties, because they are endless, it is plain,
that the Idea made after this fashion by this Archetype, will be always
Locke Hum III, 6, §47, pp. 468-469