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Each abstract Idea is an Essence.       §38. One thing, I doubt not, but will seem very strange in this
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Doctrine; which is, that from what hath been said, it will follow,
that each abstract Idea, with a name to it, makes a distinct Species. But who
can help it, if Truth will have it so? For so it must remain, till some
body can shew us the Species of Things, limited and distinguished by
something else; and let us see, that general terms signify not our
abstract Ideas, but something different from them. I would fain
know, why a Shock and a Hound, are not as distinct Species, as a
Spaniel and an Elephant. We have no other Idea of the different
Essence of an Elephant and a Spaniel, than we have of the different
Essence of a Shock and a Hound; all the essential difference, where-
by we know and distinguish them one from another, consisting
only in the different Collection of simple Ideas, to which we have
given those different names.
Locke Hum III, 6, §38, pp. 462-463