— 462 —
Nature makes the Similitude.       §36. This then, in short, is the case: Nature makes many particular
Things, which do agree one with another, in many sensible Qualities,
and probably too, in their internal frame and Constitution: but ’tis
not this real Essence that distinguishes them into Species; ’tis Men,
who, taking occasion from the Qualities they find united in them,
and wherein, they observe often several individuals to agree, range
them into Sorts, in order to their naming, for the convenience of compre-
hensive signs; under which individuals, according to their con-
formity to this or that abstract Idea, come to be ranked as under
Ensigns: so that this is of the Blue, that the Red Regiment; this is a
Man, that a Drill: And in this, I think, consists the whole business of
Genus and Species.
Locke Hum III, 6, §36, p. 462