— 460 —
This all accommodated to the end of Speech.       §33. This is adjusted to the true end of Speech, which is to be the
easiest and shortest way of communicating our Notions. For thus
he, that would make and discourse of Things, as they agreed in the
complex Idea of Extension and Solidity, needed but use the word
Body, to denote all such. He that, to these, would join others,
signified by the words Life, Sense, and spontaneous Motion, needed
but use the word Animal, to signify all which partaked of those
Ideas: and he that had made a complex Idea of a Body, with Life,
Sense, and Motion, with the Faculty of Reasoning, and a certain
Shape joined to it, needed but use the short monosyllable Man, to
express all particulars that correspond to that complex Idea. This
— 461 —
is the proper business of Genus and Species: and this Men do, without
any consideration of real Essences, or substantial Forms, which come not
within the reach of our Knowledge, when we think of those things;
nor within the signification of our Words, when we discourse with
Locke Hum III, 6, §33, pp. 460-461