— 458 —
Essences of Species under the same name very different.       §31. But however, these Species of Substances pass well enough in
ordinary Conversation, it is plain, that this complex Idea, wherein
they observe several Individuals to agree, is, by different Men,
made very differently; by some more, and others less accurately. In
some, this complex Idea contains a greater, and in others a smaller
number of Qualities; and so is apparently such as the Mind makes
it. The yellow shining Colour, makes Gold to Children; others add
Weight, Malleableness, and Fusibility; and others yet other
Qualities, which they find joined with that yellow Colour, as
constantly as its Weight and Fusibility: For in all these, and the
like Qualities, one has as good a right to be put into the complex
Idea of that Substance, wherein they are all join’d, as another. And
therefore different Men leaving out, or putting in several simple
Ideas, which others do not, according to their various Examination,
— 459 —
Skill, or Observation of that subject, have different Essences of Gold;
which must therefore be of their own, and not of Nature’s making.
Locke Hum III, 6, §31, pp. 458-459