— 452 —
The specifick Essences are made by the Mind.       §25. But supposing that the real Essences of Substances were dis-
coverable, by those, that would severely apply themselves to that
Enquiry; yet we could not reasonably think, that the ranking of
things under general Names, was regulated by those internal real Con-
stitutions, or any thing else but their obvious appearances. Since
Languages, in all Countries, have been established long before
Sciences. So that they have not been Philosophers, or Logicians, or
such who have troubled themselves about Forms and Essences, that
have made the general Names, that are in use amongst the several
Nations of Men: But those, more or less comprehensive terms, have,
for the most part, in all Languages, received their Birth and Sig-
nification, from ignorant and illiterate People, who sorted and
— 453 —
denominated Things, by those sensible Qualities they found in
them, thereby to signify them, when absent, to others, whether
they had an occasion to mention a Sort, or a particular Thing.
Locke Hum III, 6, §25, pp. 452-453