— 439 —
The nominal and real Essence different.       §3. For though, perhaps, voluntary Motion, with Sense and
Reason, join’d to a Body of a certain shape, be the complex Idea, to
which I, and others, annex the name Man; and so be the nominal
Essence of the Species so called: yet no body will say, that that
— 440 —
complex Idea is the real Essence and Source of all those Operations,
which are to be found in any Individual of that Sort. The foundation
of all those Qualities, which are the Ingredients of our complex Idea,
is something quite different: And had we such a Knowledge of that
Constitution of Man, from which his Faculties of Moving, Sensation,
and Reasoning, and other Powers flow; and on which his so regular
shape depends, as ’tis possible Angels have, and ’tis certain his
Maker has, we should have a quite other Idea of his Essence, than
what now is contained in our Definition of that Species, be it what it
will: And our Idea of any individal Man would be as far different
from what it now is, as is his, who knows all the Springs and Wheels,
and other contrivances within, of the famous Clock at Strasburg,
from that which a gazing Country-man has of it, who barely sees
the motion of the Hand, and hears the Clock strike, and observes
only some of the outward appearances.
Locke Hum III, 6, §3, pp. 439-440