— 436 —
Names of mixed Modes stand always for their real Essences.       §14. Another thing we may observe from what has been said, is,
That the Names of mixed Modes always signifie (when they have any
determined Signification) the real Essences of their Species. For these
abstract Ideas, being the Workmanship of the Mind, and not re-
ferred to the real Existence of Things, there is no supposition of any
thing more signified by that Name, but barely that complex Idea,
the Mind it self has formed, which is all it would have express’d by
it; and is that, on which all the properties of the Species depend, and
— 437 —
from which alone they all flow: and so in these the real and nominal
Essence is the same; which of what Concernment it is to the certain
Knowledge of general Truths, we shall see hereafter.
Locke Hum III, 5, §14, pp. 436-437