— 435 —
For the Originals of mixed Modes, we look no farther than the Mind, which also shews them to be the Workmanship of the Undertanding.       §12. Conformable also to what has been said, concerning the
Essences of the Species of mixed Modes, that they are the Creatures of
the Understanding, rather than the Works of Nature: Conform-
able, I say, to this, we find, that their Names lead our Thoughts to the
Mind, and no farther. When we speak of Justice, or Gratitude, we frame
to our selves no Imagination of any thing existing, which we would
conceive; but our Thoughts terminate in the abstract Ideas of those
— 436 —
Vertues, and look not farther; as they do, when we speak of a Horse,
or Iron, whose specifick Ideas we consider not, as barely in the Mind,
but as in Things themselves, which afford the original Patterns of
those Ideas. But in mixed Modes, at least the most considerable parts
of them, which are moral Beings, we consider the original Patterns,
as being in the Mind; and to those we referr for the distinguishing
of particular Beings under Names. And hence I think it is, That these
Essences of the Species of mixed Modes, are by a more particular Name
called Notions; as by a peculiar Right, appertaining to the Under-
Locke Hum III, 5, §12, pp. 435-436