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In mixed Modestis the Name that ties the Combination together, and makes it a Species.       §10. The near relation that there is between Species, Essences, and
their general Names, at least in mixed Modes, will farther appear,
when we consider, that it is the Name that seems to preserve those
Essences, and give them their lasting duration. For the connexion
between the loose parts of those complex Ideas, being made by the
Mind, this union, which has no particular foundation in Nature,
would cease again, were there not something that did, as it were,
hold it together, and keep the parts from scattering. Though there-
fore it be the Mind that makes the Collection, ’tis the Name which
is, as it were the Knot, that ties them fast together. What a vast
variety of different Ideas, does the word Triumphus hold together,
and deliver to us as one Species! Had this Name been never made,
or quite lost, we might, no doubt, have had descriptions of what
passed in that Solemnity: But yet, I think, that which holds those
different parts together, in the unity of one complex Idea, is that
very word annexed to it: without which, the several parts of that,
would no more be thought to make one thing, than any other shew,
which having never been made but once, had never been united
into one complex Idea, under one denomination. How much there-
fore, in mixed Modes, the unity necessary to any Essence, depends
on the Mind; and how much the continuation and fixing of that
Unity, depends on the Name in common use annexed to it, I leave
— 435 —
to be considered by those, who look upon Essences and Species, as
real established Things in Nature.
Locke Hum III, 5, §10, pp. 434-435