— 433 —
This shews Species to be made for Communication.       §9. The reason why I take so particular Notice of this, is, that
we may not be mistaken about Genera, and Species, and their Essences,
as if they were Things regularly and constantly made by Nature,
— 434 —
and had a real Existence in Things; when they appear, upon a more
wary survey, to be nothing else but an Artifice of the Understand-
ing, for the easier signifying such Collections of Ideas, as it should
often have occasion to communicate by one general term; under
which, divers particulars, as far forth as they agreed to that abstract
Idea, might be comprehended. And if the doubtful signification of
the word Species, may make it sound harsh to some, that I say, that
the Species of mixed Modes are made by the Understanding; yet, I
think, it can by no body be denied, that ’tis the Mind makes those
abstract complex Ideas, to which specifick names are given. And if
it be true, as it is, that the Mind makes the Patterns, for sorting
and naming of Things, I leave it to be considered, who makes
the Boundaries of the sort, or Species; since with me, Species and Sort
have no other difference, than that of a Latin and English Idiom.
Locke Hum III, 5, §9, pp. 433-434