— 430 —
Evidently arbitrary, in that the Idea is often before the Existence.       §5. No body can doubt, but that these Ideas of mixed Modes, are
made by a voluntary Collection of Ideas put together in the Mind,
independent from any original Patterns in Nature, who will but
reflect, that this sort of complex Ideas may be made, abstracted, and
have names given them, and so a Species be constituted, before any
one individual of that Species ever existed. Who can doubt, but the
Ideas of Sacrilege, or Adultery, might be framed in the Mind of Men,
and have names given them; and so these Species of mixed Modes
be constituted, before either of them was ever committed; and
might be as well discoursed of, and reasoned about, and as certain
Truths discovered of them, whilst yet they had no being but in the
Understanding, as well as now, that they have but too frequently
a real Existence? Whereby it is plain, how much the sorts of mixed
Modes are the Creatures of the Understanding, where they have a being
as subservient to all the ends of real Truth and Knowledge, as
when they really exist: And we cannot doubt, but Law-makers
have often made Laws about Species of Actions, which were only
the Creatures of their own Understanding; Beings that had no
other existence, but in their own Minds. And, I think, no body can
deny, but that the Resurrection was a Species of mixed Modes in the
Mind, before it really existed.
Locke Hum III, 5, §5, p. 430