— 429 —
How this is done.       §4. To understand this aright, we must consider wherein this
making of these complex Ideas consists; and that is not in the making
any new Idea, but putting together those which the Mind had
before. Wherein the Mind does these three things: First, It chuses
a certain Number. Secondly, It gives them connexion, and makes
them into one Idea. Thirdly, It ties them together by a Name. If we
— 430 —
examine how the Mind proceeds in these, and what liberty it takes
in them, we shall easily observe, how these essences of the Species
of mixed Modes, are the Workmanship of the Mind; and conse-
quently, that the Species themselves are of Men’s making.
Locke Hum III, 5, §4, pp. 429-430