— 426 —
The Names of complex Ideas when to be made intelligible by Words.       §14. Simple Ideas, as has been shewed, can only be got by
Experience, from those Objects, which are proper to produce in us
those Perceptions. When by this means we have our Minds stored
with them, and know the Names for them, then we are in a condition
to define, and by Definition to understand the Names of complex
— 427 —
Ideas, that are made up of them. But when any term stands for a
simple Idea, that a Man has never yet had in his Mind, it is im-
possible, by any Words, to make known its meaning to him. When
any term stands for an Idea a Man is acquainted with, but is
ignorant, that that term is the sign of it, there another name, of
the same Idea which he has been accustomed to, may make him
understand its meaning. But in no case whatsoever, is any name,
of any simple Idea, capable of a Definition.
Locke Hum III, 4, §14, pp. 426-427