— 422 —
Instances Motion.       §8. The not observing this difference in our Ideas, and their
Names, has produced that eminent trifling in the Schools, which is
so easy to be observed, in the definitions they give us of some few of
these simple Ideas. For as to the greatest part of them, even those
Masters of Definitions, were fain to leave them untouch’d, meerly
by the impossibility they found in it. What more exquisite Jargon
could the Wit of Man invent, than this Definition, The Act of a
being in Power, as far forth as in Power, which would puzzle any
rational Man, to whom it was not already known by its famous
absurdity, to guess what Word it could ever be supposed to be
the Explication of. If Tully asking a Dutchman what Beweeginge was,
should have received this Explication in his own Language, that it
was Actus entis in potentia quatenus in potentia;E.g., Thomas Aquinas, In III Phys., Lect. 2, § 285 (on Aristotle, Physics, 201a10). I ask whether any one
— 423 —
can imagine he could thereby have understood what the Word
Beweeginge signified, or have guessed what Idea a Dutchman ordi-
narily had in his Mind, and would signify to another, when he used
that sound.
Locke Hum III, 4, §8, pp. 422-423