— 414 —
General and universal are Creatures of the Understanding.       §11. To return to general Words, it is plain, by what has been
said, That General and Universal, belong not to the real existence of
Things; but are the Inventions and Creatures of the Understanding, made
by it for its own use, and concern only Signs, whether Words, or Ideas.
Words are general, as has been said, when used, for Signs of general
Ideas; and so are applicable indifferently to many particular Things;
And Ideas are general, when they are set up, as the Representatives
of many particular Things: but universality belongs not to things
themselves, which are all of them particular in their Existence, even
those Words, and Ideas, which in their signification, are general.
When therefore we quit Particulars, the Generals that rest, are only
Creatures of our own making, their general Nature being nothing
but the Capacity they are put into by the Understanding, of signi-
fying or representing many particulars. For the signification they
have, is nothing but a relation, that by the mind of Man is added
to them.
Locke Hum III, 3, §11, p. 414