— 411 —
      §8. By the same way, that they come by the general Name and
Idea of Man, they easily advance to more general Names and Notions.
For observing, that several Things that differ from their Idea of
Man, and cannot therefore be comprehended under that Name,
have yet certain Qualities, wherein they agree with Man, by
retaining only those Qualities, and uniting them into one Idea,
they have again another and a more general Idea; to which having
given a Name, they make a term of a more comprehensive extension:
Which new Idea is made, not by any new addition, but only,
as before, by leaving out the shape, and some other Properties
— 412 —
signified by the name Man, and retaining only a Body, with Life,
Sense, and spontaneous Motion, comprehended under the Name
Locke Hum III, 3, §8, pp. 411-412