— 410 —
What things have proper names.       §5. Besides Persons, Countries also, Cities, Rivers, Mountains,
and other the like Distinctions of Place, have usually found peculiar
Names, and that for the same Reason; they being such as Men have
often an Occasion to mark particularly, and, as it were, set before
others in their Discourses with them. And I doubt not, but if we
had Reason to mention particular Horses, as often as we have to
mention particular Men, we should have proper Names for the one,
as familiar as for the other; and Bucephalus would be a Word as much
in use, as Alexander. And therefore we see that amongst Jockeys,
Horses have their proper Names to be known and distinguished by,
as commonly as their Servants: Because amongst them, there is
often Occasion to mention this or that particular Horse, when he is
out of Sight.
Locke Hum III, 3, §5, p. 410