— 409 —
And useless.       §3. Secondly, If it were possible, it would yet be useless; because it
would not serve to the chief end of Language. Men would in vain
heap up Names of particular Things, that would not serve them to
communicate their Thoughts. Men learn Names, and use them in
Talk with others, only that they may be understood: which is then
only done, when by Use or Consent, the Sound I make by the
Organs of Speech, excites in another Man’s Mind, who hears it, the
Idea I apply it to in mine, when I speak it. This cannot be done by
— 410 —
Names, applied to particular Things, whereof I alone having the
Ideas in my mind, the Names of them could not be significant, or
intelligible to another, who was not acquainted with all those very
particular Things, which had fallen under my Notice.
Locke Hum III, 3, §3, pp. 409-410