— 406 —
Words often secretly referred, First, to the Ideas in other Mens Minds.       §4. But though Words, as they are used by Men, can properly
and immediately signify nothing but the Ideas, that are in the Mind
of the Speaker; yet they in their Thoughts give them a secret
reference to two other things.
      First, they suppose their Words to be Marks of the Ideas in the Minds
also of other Men, with whom they communicate: For else they should
talk in vain, and could not be understood, if the Sounds they applied
to one Idea, were such, as by the Hearer, were applied to another,
— 407 —
which is to speak two Languages. But in this, Men stand not usu-
ally to examine, whether the Idea they, and those they discourse
with have in their Minds, be the same: But think it enough, that
they use the Word, as they imagine, in the common Acceptation of
that Language; in which case they suppose, that the Idea, they make
it a Sign of, is precisely the same, to which the Understanding Men
of that Country apply that Name.
Locke Hum III, 2, §4, pp. 406-407