— 400 —
Its influence on intellectual habits.       §17. Intellectual Habits and Defects this way contracted are not
less frequent and powerful, though less observed. Let the Ideas of
Being and Matter be strongly joined either by Education or much
Thought, whilst these are still combined in the Mind, what Notions,
what Reasonings, will there be about separate Spirits? Let custom
from the very Childhood have join’d Figure and Shape to the Idea of
God, and what Absurdities will that Mind be liable to about the
      Let the Idea of Infallibility be inseparably join’d to any Person,
and these two constantly together possess the Mind, and then one
Body in two Places at once, shall unexamined be swallowed for a
certain Truth, by an implicit Faith, when ever that imagin’d in-
fallible Person dictates and demands assent without enquiry.
Locke Hum II, 33, §17, p. 400