— 398 —
Why Time cures some Disorders in the Mind which Reason cannot.       §13. When this Combination is settled and whilst it lasts, it is
not in the power of Reason to help us, and relieve us from the
Effects of it. Ideas in our Minds, when they are there, will operate
according to their Natures and Circumstances; and here we see the
cause why Time cures certain Affections, which Reason, though in
the right, and allow’d to be so, has not power over, nor is able
against them to prevail with those who are apt to hearken to it in
other cases. The Death of a Child, that was the daily delight of his
Mother’s Eyes, and joy of her Soul, rends from her Heart the whole
comfort of her Life, and gives her all the torment imaginable; use
the Consolations of Reason in this case, and you were as good preach
Ease to one on the Rack, and hope to allay, by rational Discourses,
the Pain of his Joints tearing asunder. Till time has by disuse
separated the sense of that Enjoyment and its loss from the Idea of
the Child returning to her Memory, all Representations, though
never so reasonable, are in vain; and therefore some in whom the
— 399 —
union between these Ideas is never dissolved, spend their Lives in
Mourning, and carry an incurable Sorrow to their Graves.
Locke Hum II, 33, §13, pp. 398-399