— 390 —
First, Simple Ideas in this sense not false, and why.       §16. From what has been said concerning our simple Ideas, I
think it evident, That our simple Ideas can none of them be false, in
respect of Things existing without us. For the Truth of these Appear-
ances, or Perceptions in our Minds, consisting, as has been said,
only in their being answerable to the Powers in external Objects,
to produce by our Senses such Appearances in us: and each of them
being in the Mind, such as it is, suitable to the Power that produced
it, and which alone it represents, it cannot upon that Account, or as
referr’d to such a Pattern, be false. Blue or Yellow, Bitter or Sweet, can
never be false Ideas, these Perceptions in the Mind, are just such as
they are there, answering the Powers appointed by God to produce
them; and so are truly, what they are, and are intended to be.
Indeed the Names may be misapply’d: but that in this respect,
makes no Falshood in the Ideas: As if a Man ignorant in the English
Tongue, should call Purple, Scarlet.
Locke Hum II, 32, §16, p. 390