— 387 —
Ideas of mixed Modes most liable to be false in this sense.       §10. Complex Ideas are much more liable to be false in this respect; and
the complex Ideas of mixed Modes, much more than those of Substances:
Because in Substances, (especially those, which the common and
unborrowed Names of any Language are applied to,) some remark-
able sensible Qualities, serving ordinarily to distinguish one sort
from another, easily preserve those, who take any Care in the use
of their Words, from applying them to sorts of Substances, to which
they do not at all belong. But in mixed Modes, we are much more
uncertain, it being not so easy to determine of several Actions;
whether they are to be called Justice, or Cruelty; Liberality, or
Prodigality. And so in referring our Ideas to those of other Men,
call’d by the same Names, ours may be false; and the Idea in our
Minds, which we express by the word Justice, may, perhaps, be
that, which ought to have another Name.
Locke Hum II, 32, §10, p. 387