— 385 —
Other Men’s Ideas, real Existence, and supposed real Essences, are what Men usually refer their Ideas to.       §5. First, When the Mind supposes any Idea it has, conformable to
that in other Men’s Minds called by the same common Name; v.g.
when the Mind intends, or judges its Ideas of Justice, Temperance,
Religion, to be the same, with what other Men give those Names to.
      Secondly, When the Mind supposes any Idea it has in it self, to be
conformable to some real Existence. Thus the two Ideas, of a Man, and
a Centaur, supposed to be the Ideas of real Substances, are the one
true, and the other false; the one having a Conformity to what has
really existed; the other not.
      Thirdly, When the Mind refers any of its Ideas to that real Constitu-
tion, and Essence of any thing, whereon all its Properties depend: and
thus the greatest part, if not all our Ideas of Substances, are false.
Locke Hum II, 32, §5, p. 385