— 384 —
No Idea as an appearance in the Mind true or false.       §3. But ’tis not in that metaphysical Sense of Truth, which we
enquire here, when we examine, whether our Ideas are capable of
— 385 —
being true or false; but in the more ordinary Acceptation of those
Words: And so I say, that the Ideas in our Minds, being only so many
Perceptions, or Appearances there, none of them are false. The Idea
of a Centaur, having no more Falshood in it, when it appears in
our Minds; than the Name Centaur has Falshood in it, when it is
pronounced by our Mouths, or written on Paper. For Truth or
Falshood, lying always in some Affirmation, or Negation, Mental or
Verbal, our Ideas are not capable any of them of being false, till the
Mind passes some Judgment on them; that is, affirms or denies
something of them.
Locke Hum II, 32, §3, pp. 384-385