— 373 —
Mixed Modes made of consistent Ideas are real.       §4. Secondly, Mixed Modes and Relations, having no other reality,
but what they have in the Minds of Men, there is nothing more
required to those kind of Ideas, to make them real, but that they
be so framed, that there be a possibility of existing conformable
to them. These Ideas, being themselves Archetypes, cannot differ
from their Archetypes, and so cannot be chimerical, unless any one
will jumble together in them inconsistent Ideas. Indeed, as any of
them have the Names of a known Language assigned to them, by
which, he that has them in his Mind, would signify them to others,
so bare Possibility of existing is not enough; they must have a
— 374 —
Conformity to the ordinary Signification of the Name, that is
given them, that they may not be thought fantastical: as if a Man
would give the Name of Justice to that Idea, which common use
calls Liberality. But this Fantasticalness relates more to Propriety
of Speech, than Reality of Ideas. For a Man to be undisturbed in
Danger, sedately to consider what is fittest to be done, and to
execute it steadily, is a mixed Mode, or a complex Idea of an Action
which may exist. But to be undisturbed in Danger, without using
ones Reason or Industry, is what is also possible to be; and so is as
real an Idea as the other. Though the first of these having the Name
Courage given to it, may, in respect of that Name, be a right or
wrong Idea: But the other, whilst it has not a common received
Name of any known Language assigned to it, is not capable of any
Deformity, being made with no reference to any thing but it self.
Locke Hum II, 30, §4, pp. 373-374