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Simple Ideas all real.       §2. First, Our simple Ideas are all real, all agree to the reality of
things. Not that they are all of them the Images, or Representations
of what does exist, the contrary whereof, in all but the primary
Qualities of Bodies, hath been already shewed. But though White-
ness and Coldness are no more in Snow, than Pain is; yet those
Ideas of Whiteness, and Coldness, Pain, etc. being in us the Effects of
Powers in Things without us, ordained by our Maker, to produce
in us such Sensations; they are real Ideas in us, whereby we
distinguish the Qualities, that are really in things themselves.
For these several Appearances, being designed to be the Marks,
— 373 —
whereby we are to know, and distinguish Things, which we have
to do with; our Ideas do as well serve us to that purpose, and are
as real distinguishing Characters, whether they be only constant
Effects, or else exact Resemblances of something in the things
themselves: the reality lying in that steady correspondence, they
have with the distinct Constitutions of real Beings. But whether
they answer to those Constitutions, as to Causes, or Patterns, it
matters not; it suffices, that they are constantly produced by them.
And thus our simple Ideas are all real and true, because they answer
and agree to those Powers of Things, which produce them in our
Minds, that being all that is requisite to make them real, and not
fictions at Pleasure. For in simple Ideas, (as has been shewn,) the
Mind is wholly confined to the Operation of things upon it; and can
make to it self no simple Idea, more than what it has received.
Locke Hum II, 30, §2, pp. 372-373