— 372 —
Chapter XXX
Of Real and Fantastical Ideas.
Real Ideas are conformable to their Archetypes.       §1. Besides what we have already mentioned, concerning Ideas,
other Considerations belong to them, in reference to things from
whence they are taken, or which they may be supposed to represent;
and thus, I think, they may come under a threefold distinction; and
      First, Either real, or fantastical.
      Secondly, Adequate, or inadequate.
      Thirdly, True, or false.
      First, By real Ideas, I mean such as have a Foundation in Nature;
such as have a Conformity with the real Being, and Existence of
Things, or with their Archetypes. Fantastical or Chimerical, I call
such as have no Foundation in Nature, nor have any Conformity
with that reality of Being, to which they are tacitly referr’d, as to
their Archetypes. If we examine the several sorts of Ideas before-
mentioned, we shall find, that,
Locke Hum II, 30, §1, p. 372