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Thirdly, Or are mutable and undetermined.       §9. Thirdly, A third defect that frequently gives the name of
Confused, to our Ideas, is when any one of them is uncertain, and
undetermined. Thus we may observe Men, who not forbearing to use
the ordinary Words of their Language, till they have learn’d their
precise signification, change the Idea, they make this or that term
stand for, almost as often as they use it. He that does this, out of
uncertainty of what he should leave out, or put into his Idea of
Church, or Idolatry, every time he thinks of either, and holds not
steady to any one precise Combination of Ideas, that makes it up, is
said to have a confused Idea of Idolatry, or the Church: Though this
be still for the same reason that the former, viz. Because a mutable
Idea (if we will allow it to be one Idea) cannot belong to one Name,
rather than another; and so loses the distinction, that distinct
Names are designed for.
Locke Hum II, 29, §9, p. 366