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Causes of Obscurity.       §3. The cause of Obscurity in simple Ideas, seems to be either dull
Organs; or very slight and transient Impressions made by the
Objects; or else a weakness in the Memory, not able to retain them
as received. For to return again to visible Objects, to help us to
apprehend this matter. If the Organs, or Faculties of Perception,
like Wax over-hardned with Cold, will not receive the Impression
of the Seal, from the usual impulse wont to imprint it; or, like Wax
of a temper too soft, will not hold it well, when well imprinted; or
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else supposing the Wax of a temper fit, but the Seal not applied
with a sufficient force, to make a clear Impression: In any of these
cases, the print left by the Seal, will be obscure. This, I suppose,
needs no application to make it plainer.
Locke Hum II, 29, §3, pp. 363-364