— 362 —
The Notion of the Relation is the same, whether the Rule any Action is compared to be true or false.       §20. Thirdly, That in these I call Moral Relations, I have a true
Notion of Relation, by comparing the Action with the Rule,
whether the Rule be true, or false. For if I measure any thing by a
Yard, I know, whether the thing I measure be longer, or shorter,
than that supposed Yard, though, perhaps, the Yard I measure by,
be not exactly the Standard: Which, indeed, is another Enquiry.
For though the Rule be erroneous, and I mistaken in it; yet the
agreement, or disagreement observable in that which I compare
with it, makes me perceive the Relation. Though measuring by a
wrong Rule, I shall thereby be brought to judge amiss of its moral
Rectitude; because I have tried it by that, which is not the true
Rule; but I am not mistaken in the Relation which that Action
bears to that Rule I compare it to, which is agreement, or dis-
Locke Hum II, 28, §20, p. 362