— 360 —
Relations innumerable.       §17. And thus much for the Relation of humane Actions to a
Law, which therefore I call Moral Relations.
’Twould make a Volume, to go over all sorts of Relations: ’tis not
therefore to be expected, that I should here mention them all. It
suffices to our present purpose, to shew by these, what the Ideas
are, we have of this comprehensive Consideration, call’d Relation.
Which is so various, and the Occasions of it so many, (as many as
there can be of comparing things one to another,) that it is not very
easy to reduce it to Rules, or under just Heads. Those I have
mentioned, I think, are some of the most considerable, and such, as
may serve to let us see, from whence we get our Ideas of Relations,
and wherein they are founded. But before I quit this Argument,
from what has been said, give me leave to observe,
Locke Hum II, 28, §17, p. 360