— 352 —
Civil Law, the measure of Crimes and Innocence.       §9. Secondly, The Civil Law, the Rule set by the Commonwealth,
to the Actions of those, who belong to it, is another Rule, to which
Men refer their Actions, to judge whether they be criminal, or no.
This Law no body over-looks: the Rewards and Punishments, that
enforce it, being ready at hand, and suitable to the Power that makes
it: which is the force of the Commonwealth, engaged to protect the
Lives, Liberties, and Possessions, of those who live according to its
— 353 —
Laws, and has power to take away Life, Liberty, or Goods, from
him, who disobeys; which is the punishment of Offences committed
against this Law.
Locke Hum II, 28, §9, pp. 352-353