— 352 —
Divine Law, the measure of Sin and Duty.       §8. First, The Divine Law, whereby I mean, that Law which God
has set to the actions of Men, whether promulgated to them by the
light of Nature, or the voice of Revelation. That God has given a
Rule whereby Men should govern themselves, I think there is no
body so brutish as to deny. He has a Right to do it, we are his
Creatures: He has Goodness and Wisdom to direct our Actions to
that which is best: and he has Power to enforce it by Rewards and
Punishments, of infinite weight and duration, in another Life: for
no body can take us out of his hands. This is the only true touch-
stone of moral Rectitude; and by comparing them to this Law, it is,
that Men judge of the most considerable Moral Good or Evil of their
Actions; that is, whether as Duties, or Sins, they are like to procure
them happiness, or misery, from the hands of the ALMIGHTY.
Locke Hum II, 28, §8, p. 352