— 348 —
Chapter XXVIII
Of other Relations.
Proportional.       §1. Besides the before-mentioned occasions of Time, Place, and
Causality of comparing, or referring Things one to another, there
are, as I have said, infinite others, some whereof I shall mention.
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      First, The first I shall name, is some one simple Idea; which being
capable of Parts or Degrees, affords an occasion of comparing the
Subjects wherein it is to one another, in respect of that simple Idea,
v.g. Whiter, Sweeter, Bigger, Equal, More, etc. These Relations
depending on the Equality and Excess of the same simple Idea, in
several Subjects, may be called, if one will, Proportional; and that
these are only conversant about those simple Ideas received from
Sensation or Reflection, is so evident, that nothing need be said to
evince it.
Locke Hum II, 28, §1, pp. 348-349