— 348 —
Continued Existence makes Identity.       §29. For supposing a rational Spirit be the Idea of a Man, ’tis
easie to know, what is the same Man, viz. the same Spirit, whether
separate or in a Body will be the same Man. Supposing a rational
Spirit vitally united to a Body of a certain conformation of Parts to
make a Man, whilst that rational Spirit, with that vital conformation
of Parts, though continued in a fleeting successive Body, remains, it
will be the same Man. But if to any one the Idea of a Man be, but the
vital union of Parts in a certain shape; as long as that vital union and
shape remains, in a concrete no otherwise the same, but by a
continued succession of fleeting Particles, it will be the same Man.
For whatever be the composition whereof the complex Idea is made,
whenever Existence makes it one particular thing under any denom-
ination, the same Existence continued, preserves it the same
individual under the same denomination.
Locke Hum II, 27, §29, p. 348