— 347 —
The difficulty from ill use of Names.       §28. To conclude, whatever Substance begins to exist, it must,
during its Existence, necessarily be the same: Whatever Compo-
sitions of Substances begin to exist, during the union of those
— 348 —
Substances, the concrete must be the same: Whatsoever Mode
begins to exist, during its Existence, it is the same: And so if the
Composition be of distinct Substances, and different Modes, the
same Rule holds. Whereby it will appear, that the difficulty or
obscurity, that has been about this Matter, rather rises from the
Names ill used, than from any obscurity in things themselves. For
whatever makes the specifick Idea, to which the name is applied, if
that Idea be steadily kept to, the distinction of any thing into the
same, and divers will easily be conceived, and there can arise no
doubt about it.
Locke Hum II, 27, §28, pp. 347-348