— 345 —
      §24. Indeed it may conceive the Substance whereof it is now
made up, to have existed formerly, united in the same conscious
Being: But consciousness removed, that Substance is no more it
self or makes no more a part of it, than any other Substance, as is
evident in the instance, we have already given, of a Limb cut off, of
whose Heat, or Cold, or other Affections, having no longer any
consciousness, it is no more of a Man’s self than any other Matter of
the Universe. In like manner it will be in reference to any immaterial
Substance, which is void of that consciousness whereby I am my
self to my self: If there be any part of its Existence, which I cannot
upon recollection join with that present consciousness, whereby
I am now my self, it is in that part of its Existence no more my self,
than any other immaterial Being. For whatsoever any Substance
has thought or done, which I cannot recollect, and by my conscious-
ness make my own Thought and Action, it will no more belong to
me, whether a part of me thought or did it, than if it had been
thought or done by any other immaterial Being any where existing.
Locke Hum II, 27, §24, p. 345