— 341 —
Object of Reward and Punishment.       §18. In this personal Identity is founded all the Right and Justice
of Reward and Punishment; Happiness and Misery, being that, for
— 342 —
which every one is concerned for himself, not mattering what
becomes of any Substance, not joined to, or affected with that con-
sciousness. For as it is evident in the instance I gave but now, if the
consciousness went along with the little Finger, when it was cut
off, that would be the same self which was concerned for the whole
Body Yesterday, as making a part of it self, whose Actions then it
cannot but admit as its own now. Though if the same Body should
still live, and immediately from the separation of the little Finger
have its own peculiar consciousness, whereof the little Finger knew
nothing, it would not at all be concerned for it, as a part of it self, or
could own any of its Actions, or have any of them imputed to him.
Locke Hum II, 27, §18, pp. 341-342