— 336 —
Personal Identity in change of Substances.       §11. That this is so, we have some kind of Evidence in our very
Bodies, all whose Particles, whilst vitally united to this same
thinking conscious self, so that we feel when they are touch’d, and
are affected by, and conscious of good or harm that happens to
them, are a part of our selves: i.e. of our thinking conscious self. Thus
— 337 —
the Limbs of his Body is to every one a part of himself: He sympa-
thizes and is concerned for them. Cut off an hand, and thereby
separate it from that consciousness, we had of its Heat, Cold, and
other Affections; and it is then no longer a part of that which is
himself, any more than the remotest part of Matter. Thus we see the
Substance, where of personal self consisted at one time, may be varied at
another, without the change of personal Identity: There being no
Question about the same Person, though the Limbs, which but now
were a part of it, be cut off.
Locke Hum II, 27, §11, pp. 336-337