— 332 —
Identity suited to the Idea.       §7. ’Tis not therefore Unity of Substance that comprehends all
sorts of Identity, or will determine it in every Case: But to conceive,
and judge of it aright, we must consider what Idea the Word it is
applied to stands for: It being one thing to be the same Substance,
another the same Man, and a third the same Person, if Person, Man,
and Substance, are three Names standing for three different Ideas; for
such as is the Idea belonging to that Name, such must be the Iden-
tity: Which if it had been a little more carefully attended to, would
possibly have prevented a great deal of that Confusion, which often
occurs about this Matter, with no small seeming Difficulties;
especially concerning Personal Identity, which therefore we shall in
the next place a little consider.
Locke Hum II, 27, §7, p. 332