— 327 —
Relations of Place and Extension.       §5. The Relation also that things have to one another, in their
Places and Distances, is very obvious to observe; as Above, Below,
a Mile distant from Charing-cross, in England, and in London. But as in
Duration, so in Extension and Bulk, there are some Ideas that are
relative, which we signify by Names, that are thought positive; as
Great, and Little, are truly Relations. For here also having, by obser-
vation, settled in our Minds the Ideas of the Bigness of several
Species of Things, from those we have been most accustomed to,
we make them, as it were, the Standards whereby to denominate
the Bulk of others. Thus we call a great Apple, such a one as is
bigger than the ordinary sort of those we have been used to; and a
little Horse, such a one as comes not up to the size of that Idea,
which we have in our Minds, to belong ordinarily to Horses: And
that will be a great Horse to a Welsh-man, which is but a little one
to a Fleming; they two having from the different Breed of their
Countries, taken several siz’d Ideas to which they compare, and in
relation to which they denominate their Great, and their Little.
Locke Hum II, 26, §5, p. 327