— 318 —
All artificial Things are collective Ideas.       §3. Amongst such kind of collective Ideas, are to be counted most
part of artificial Things, at least such of them as are made up of
distinct Substances: And, in truth, if we consider all these collec-
tive Ideas aright, as ARMY, Constellation, Universe; as they are
united into so many single Ideas, they are but the artificial Draughts
of the Mind, bringing things very remote, and independent on one
another, into one view, the better to contemplate, and discourse of
them, united into one conception, and signified by one name. For
there are no Things so remote, nor so contrary, which the Mind
cannot, by this art of Composition, bring into one Idea, as is visible
in that signified by the name Universe.
Locke Hum II, 24, §3, p. 318